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This homepage is offered to the DELTA freak in the world.

in Japanese

Lancia Lunch 2006 with M.BIASION


What's New
Up Date Infomation

Last Up Date:2012/1/2

Personal infomation
Introduce of Corso Marche's personal information

My Delta's condition
My handle name is 'Corso Marche' on Web

My Phoo's condition
Phoo came to my home.(-2007.05)

My Hiroro's condition
Hiroro came to my home.

Treasuring video library menu
The crushing defeat in 2001. There is a sad animation.

A unique delta and others
It is the special edition of the unique delta in the world.

Accident Menu
Corzo's accidents

Tuned Menu
Corzo's tuning

Come on! Free Talk Space!
Join us Italian Car's Freak

Massimo Racing Club(MRC) Members Only!Members only
Introduce of Massimo Racing Club(MRC) Members
Motori al Massimo is famous special shop of LANCIA DELTA in Japan
MRC monopolizes the first prize,the second prize with DELTA CUP 2000 in Japan.
Corso Marche gets the Delta Cup !!(V2)

A Meeting Report
Lancia's Meeting and Others Meeting Reports in Japan

Special Shop in Japan
Motori al Massimo is famous special shop of DELTA.

An opinionaire of this site
Please!Up your feeling!

Corso Marche's Link
HP Links.enjoy!

Let's do motor sports!!

Have you drivin your car in the circuit? the potential of your car has been drawn out enough?
Have you been driving your racing-car by which it fights over 1/1000 seconds
Motor sports are begin more light-hearted sports than you think.
There is no problem if you have a helmet and gloves as long as there is your car now.
A new network results in entering motor sports, too.

Will you run in the circuit?

Your tension is MAX when you time attacked in circuit.
You feel difficulty of putting agreement on your machine.
If you take the best LAP,impression is MAX. It is a difficulty of running at the same time also in the same course.
Motor sports are not understood when not doing.
Will you run all? It must be 100 times as happy as it sees.

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